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Distributor of premium quality tarpaulin sheets, and power solutions.

With over 15 years of experience and knowledge in International Standards Technology along with changes in our Industrial Systems, we are dedicated to provide the best solutions to our valued customers. There are many varied solutions one can opt for, in terms of long-term investment goals in global companies. Be it different sectors or segments, mainly in the USA and other countries.

Our Brands

The Livguard IPS has made a name for itself in India's energy solution market by combining innovation and passion.

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Over 11 million families are currently served by Luminous, the industry leader IPS for homes. Luminous is ideal for frequent and extended power outages.

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Livpure Water Purifiers

At Livpure, we work to ensure that every Indian has access to clean water and clean air to safeguard their health.

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Livpure Air Coolers

Over the last few decades, Livguard Air Coolers has earned a reputation as the most dependable name in water

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Our selection of green shade nets are constructed from 100% virgin HDPE and treated with UV stabilisers and colour masterbatches.

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Premium quality Cross Laminated Multilayer Tarpaulin. Ecopaulin is a multi-layered cross laminated tarpaulin.

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Ecoraksha Gold

EcoRaksha Gold is one of the multi-layered tarpaulins of the highest grade available in India. It is manufactured using cutting-edge technology of the highest calibre.

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Ecoraksha Lining

A multilayer tarpaulin that is affordable and made to meet your basic tarp needs! A multilayer tarpaulin is called EcoRaksha Lining.

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