Ecopaulin Tarpaulin

The toughest tarp in the business!

Ecopaulin Tarpaulin is one of the best innovative super Cross-laminated multilayered tarpaulins in the Indian market. Because of its superior strength and durability compared to cross-laminated multilayered tarpaulin and its unique patterned design in a criss-cross pattern, this unique tarpaulin is the strongest in the business.

Farming, building, transportation, agriculture, aquaculture, fumigation sheets, dunnage sheets, and many other uses are all possible using Ecopaulin Tarpaulins.

  • 200 G 20x15 P
  • 200 G 24x18 P
  • 200 G 24x24 P
  • 200 G 26x18 P
  • 200 G 27x21 P
  • 200 G 30x20 P
  • 200 G 30x24 P
  • 200 G 30x30 P
  • 200 G 32x30 P
  • 200 G 35x27 P
  • 200 G 36x24 P