Ecoraksha Gold: The Best quality multi-layered tarpaulin in Dhaka

There are numerous tarpaulin manufacturers in Dhaka, but Dhaka Power Traders is always at the top of the list when it comes to the best. They are Dhaka's best quality multi-layered tarpaulin suppliers. They have achieved their modern leadership status with their main tarp brand Ecoraksha Gold.

Ecoraksha Gold are quite light in weight, making them easy to transport. Dhaka Power Traders, the best quality multi-layered tarpaulin manufacturer in Dhaka, uses the most advanced technology and similarly advanced equipment to produce such high-quality tarps.

Features of Best quality Multi-layered Tarpaulin

Water and Dust proof: Ecoraksha Gold is 100% waterproof, dustproof, and heat resistant, providing you with the ultimate coverage and protection for your most valuable items.

Flexible-yet-Tough: Ecoraksha Gold are truly adaptable, agile, and strong all at the same time. As a result, tarpaulins can withstand all kinds of harsh conditions, including sharp edges, and protect your home from water, dirt, heat, and other potentially hazardous scenarios.

Lighter-in-Weight: Ecoraksha Gold are heavy-duty tarps that are the most durable of all the tarps on the market while also being incredibly light. As a result, you can take it wherever you want and whenever you want.

World-class Technology: DPT tarpaulins are created with excellent technology and world-class equipment to ensure that all quality requirements are met to the highest standard. So that all of our valued customers get the best value for their money as well as the finest protection for their possessions.

Recyclable: Ecoraksha Gold products are fully environmentally friendly. That's because, at DPT, we accept our responsibility to Mother Nature and never miss an opportunity to safeguard the natural balance of our surroundings. As a result, we made these quality multi layered tarpaulin totally recyclable, allowing us to recycle the tarp at any moment and create a new product from a used unit.

Strong-Seals-and-Joints: Ecoraksha Gold tarps do not have stapled or stitched joints; instead, they have double-sealed joints on all edges for added safety, as well as appropriately placed strong eyelets in all the necessary places for your convenience.

Most-Economical: DPT's tarpaulins are the most cost-effective on the market, and they'll easily fit into your budget without placing a strain on your wallet. That means you'll get the finest possible protection for your belongings at the lowest possible price.

Various-Colour-Options: Along with all of these great qualities, these tarpaulins provide you the option of selecting your tarps from a wide choice of colours to perfectly match your preferences and requirements.