The Livguard IPS has made a name for itself in India's energy solution market by combining innovation and passion. We are introducing a new tier of smart energy solutions with our selection of vehicle Livguard IPS provides safe and noiseless AC power backup for homes. In addition to powering fans, lights, and air coolers, Livguard's pure sine wave IPS provides clean power for computers, home theatre systems, and kitchen appliances. Livguard IPS also support fast charging and has battery deep-discharge protection to provide emergency power on demand.

To meet the power backup requirements of all homes, the Livguard IPS is available in a variety of power configurations and battery combinations. All of our home inverter products are subjected to stringent quality control and come with solid after-sales support and a 2-year warranty. Truly experience the Livguard IPS’s unlimited energy lifestyle!

  • 115D31R NX-120-7
  • 38B20R NS 40Z
  • 55B24L NS60L
  • 55D26L N50ZL
  • 80D26L N50ZL
  • IT 150XTT 12V
  • IT160EXTT
  • IT 200XTT 12V