Maintainance of Dhaka Livguard inverter battery during winters

Given the frequency of power outages in both urban and rural Bangladesh, the power of Dhaka Livguard inverter battery inverter technology was certain to become well-known. However, with time, consumers have begun to experience inadequate power from their inverter and battery installations at home. While it's natural that high demand during the summer months would result in less backup, customers are also complaining about underperformance during the winter.

What could possibly go wrong with your setup?

1) Your batteries have reached the end of their useful life and have degraded. It indicates that the battery is no longer keeping a charge as well as it previously did and that it needs to be replaced.

2) You've been accustomed to inverter power and are using more energy-efficient equipment than previously. Furthermore, the inverter's performance will be harmed if you use equipment such as room heaters and water heating rods.

3) Finally, you have a locally manufactured product that has developed a flaw and can no longer recharge the batteries.

How can you fix the problem and get your home inverter to perform at full capacity?

1) It's time to replace your inverter's battery if it's become old and can't hold the charge required for crucial home appliances. Original Dhaka Livguard inverter battery can quickly remedy the problem. Dhaka Livguard inverter battery delivers the highest-quality inverter batteries in India, as well as guarantees coverage to ensure long-term functioning.

2) Consider reducing your inverter power usage to the specifications of your power inverter if you're running too many appliances, lights, or other devices on it. Overuse can harm the device as well as the batteries. You can also use energy-saving equipment like CFLs and LED lamps to get the most out of your Dhaka Livguard inverter battery power backup. Copper motors and wiring are also more energy efficient and compatible with inverters.

3) If you have a local inverter, instead of wasting money on costly repairs, consider switching to a branded model.