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DPT Service Zone

Discover unmatched service excellence in the DPT Service Zone. Our highly trained technical team utilises the most advanced testing tools to ensure precision and reliability. Rest assured, only genuine spare parts are used to maintain the highest quality standards. Committed to exceeding your expectations, we provide year-round customer service and 24-hour technical support across every corner of Bangladesh. Your trust, our promise.

DPT Service Zone is proud to introduce a comprehensive training programme aimed at empowering technicians associated with our esteemed dealers. Through this initiative, we aspire to elevate the skill set and industry knowledge of technicians, transforming them into 'Associate Service Partners.' This program is designed to enhance their proficiency in servicing products from leading brands such as Luminous, Livguard, and Tandhan Power, while also equipping them to address issues across various brands.

Categories for Dealer Network: To ensure a tailored approach, we are introducing three distinct categories within our dealer network:

Platinum Category:
Top dealers qualify for Platinum status.
Benefits include service inverters, spare parts, and comprehensive training for dealer technicians.
Exclusive offering: DPT Service Zone dealer boards to further enhance visibility.

Gold Category: Dealers achieving Gold status receive service inverters and dedicated training for their technicians.

Silver Category: Dealers falling into the Silver category are eligible for technician training sessions.

Programme Highlights: Our training modules encompass the latest industry knowledge, technical insights, and problem-solving techniques. Technicians will be equipped to handle a diverse range of issues not only related to our partnered brands but also extend their expertise to address challenges with products from other brands.

Benefits for Technicians:
• Access to cutting-edge training materials and workshops.
• Enhanced proficiency in servicing Luminous, Livguard, and Tandhan Power products.
• Capability to address issues across various brands, making them versatile service professionals.

How to Qualify: Dealers can attain different categories based on their performance, sales, and commitment to service excellence. The criteria for each category will be communicated to our dealer network.

Conclusion: At DPT Service Zone, we believe that investing in the skill development of technicians is pivotal for delivering top-notch service to our customers. This initiative not only strengthens our relationship with dealers but also ensures that end-users receive the best possible support for their power products. Together, let's build a network of empowered technicians ready to meet the challenges of the evolving power industry.

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Service Support
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