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Ecoraksha Gold

A pocket-friendly Multilayer Tarpaulin, designed to cater to your basic tarp needs!

Ecoraksha Gold is one of the multi-layered tarpaulins of the highest grade available in India. It is manufactured using cutting-edge technology of the highest calibre. The most recent worldwide technology and cutting-edge machinery give Ecoraksha Gold the tenacity needed to overcome any obstacles and save your priceless valuables even in severe weather conditions. Ecoraksha Gold is lightweight, flexible, and nimble while still being durable, making it simple to transport. This unique tarpaulin is completely waterproof and UV protected. The joints and seals on every edge of the sheet of Ecoraksha Gold are incredibly strong, adding a remarkable amount to its overall strength.
  • Light Weight

  • 100% Recyclable

  • Modern Technology

  • UV Stabilized

  • Easy Handling

  • Water Proof